Information for Keio-SFC Students

Research Seminars (Kenkyūkai):

Research Seminar B1 is an intensive reading seminar where you will be assigned sociology and demography papers to read and discuss. The goal is for you to eventually write your own academic papers. In Research Seminar B2, you will advance your own individual research while providing mutual feedback. You may choose any topic as log as you frame your research questions within sociology and/or demography. Methodologically, participants are free to use qualitative methods, quantitative methods, or a combination of both, as long as they suit your topic and research question.

Graduation Project:

If you would like me to be your mentor for your graduation project, please contact me after confirming through Shonan Fujisawa Campus Registrar (SFC学事担当) that you are able to register for my graduation project course.

As a general rule, besides meeting the requirements set by the SFC Registrar, you should have started participating in my seminar (研究会) by the semester before registering for your Graduation Project 1. Taking at least one of my courses (Macroscopic Social Analysis, Social Dynamics, Population Dynamics and Methodology Study) before starting your senior year is highly recommended.